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About Me

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I'm a seasoned environmentalist with over 5 years of hands-on experience in the field. My professional journey is enriched by my dual roles as an artist and documentary photographer.


My fascination with wildlife conservation sprouted during my postgraduate studies at TERI SAS in Delhi. It was there that I first encountered the concept of 'Sustainability,' alongside a diverse range of subjects. At that point, I wasn't certain if I wanted to dedicate my career to a particular species. Instead, I ventured into various terrains, studying a multitude of animal and plant species.

However, an undeniable attraction gradually emerged – the local people and tribes, along with their time-honored practices and cultures. Their unique approach to art and culture as instruments of nature conservation has consistently captivated me. Today, this fascination is deeply ingrained in my work.

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In addition to my environmental pursuits, I also serve as an art educator. I leverage the power of art as a creative medium to educate and inspire school children about the importance of nature conservation.

My work revolves around the central theme of biodiversity conservation, rooted in indigenous knowledge, culture, and the arts.

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