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Photography has always been my passion, and I've long harbored a peculiar fascination with doors. This love affair with doors began in the enchanting lanes of Old Delhi, a place where doors possess real character and history. I've found myself developing a unique sensitivity toward doors, as if they harbor a soul and, undeniably, a rich history.


In my eyes, every place holds its own captivating story, and I firmly believe that each door is a profound reflection of this distinctiveness. To share this enchantment, I've meticulously cataloged doors by city and color, and I'm currently embarking on a journey through various historical periods.


I invite you to explore my exhibition, a visual journey through the doors of India, where these captivating narratives come to life. Additionally, don't miss my best-selling door postcards, offering a piece of these stories that you can carry with you. You can read the entire Door Story here

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