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The Vanwasi-Aadiwasi project was conceived as an engaging initiative aimed at empowering indigenous communities to rekindle their traditional practices through art while also honoring the wisdom of their elders in preserving traditional wildlife conservation methods. Moreover, it serves as a catalyst to instill a deep-rooted commitment to nature conservation as an integral part of their cultural heritage.

Nature Workshop

This project places a strong emphasis on community-based efforts. Valuable insights derived from their rich cultural archives have been instrumental in shaping the workshops tailored for the local communities.

Reviving Indigenous Practice

I commenced this endeavor with the support of a scholarship from Creature Conserve, a USA based organization, and a modest grant from the Wildlife Trust of India Rapid Action Project (WTI RAP). Thanks to their backing, I've been able to orchestrate numerous nature workshops designed to revive indigenous knowledge within the tribal community.

Women for Conservation


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