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A journey to the oldest rock paintings in the world : Bhimbetka rock shelters

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Bhimbetka rock cave shelters!

Thirty thousand years later, standing here, still wondering who made it? And why?

It reminds me of the movie #Thecroods about how our ancestors thought and portrayed their world.

Aren't these rock paintings are so impressive?

It depicts hunting, riding, group dancing, wars and animals like tigers, deers, wild boar, horses and elephants, which are also portrayed in the paintings. Some of the oldest paintings show human forms and horses in geometrical shapes resembling Worli art.

It has been observed that the present day cultural traditions of the tribes surrounding Bhimbetka still resemble those represented in the caves.

It’s pretty amazing to walk in the peaceful environment of these rock shelters and think about the people who lived here by looking at these rock paintings, which gives us a glimpse of their time! ✨

My thoughts kept going back to how things would have been then! ❣️

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