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Pick Up beautiful Wooden Sandesh Moulds From Rabindra Sarani, Kolkata

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

For me, travelling is all about exploring local art in different places. I had the privilege to meet a few local artisans last month, and here is an excerpt from the same.

Sandesh is a famous type of Bengali sweet that is made with milk. I have seen them come in different shapes and sizes but had no idea how a Sandesh takes it's shape until my friend took us to meet Rudra babu. He was in his tiny shop at Rabindra Sarani, Kolkata, creating these beautiful, extraordinary wooden Sandesh moulds.

I witnessed the entire process of a piece of wood transforming into a work of art in a matter of minutes. It was so satisfying to watch. Even though I might never make Sandesh myself, I got myself three parts as they were breathtakingly intricate! :D

This pandemic has shown us how things can get tough for independent small scale artists. Its high time we appreciate these artists and support them by purchasing their art. ❣️


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